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Support Group


Helping You Cope With Personal and Emotional Struggles

We provide services to help with divorce, loneliness and sadness, fear, loss of a child, parent issues, a grandparent handling depression, aggressive behavior, and the urge to use drugs and alcohol.

We provide wellness services, such as group, family, youth, and community support services.

Spiritual Counseling

This is an individual service helping individuals explore problems and conflicts from a spiritual perspective. An individual’s spiritual beliefs, morals, ideals, values, and conflicts are explored in a safe and nonjudgmental manner.

Spiritual counseling services include one or more of the following:

  • Establishing or reestablishing a relationship with a higher power

  • Developing personal connectedness with a spiritual, religious, or faith‐based entity

  • Acquiring skills needed to cope with life‐changing incidents

  • Adopting positive values or principles

  • Identifying a sense of purpose and mission for one’s life

  • Achieving serenity and peace of mind

  • Overcoming emotional, social, mental, or physical obstacles, and/or

  • Putting pain and grief into perspective

​The HTC Spiritual Counseling program is certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Our services are delivered by qualified clergy.

Transportation – Public

Through this program, HTC assists individuals in achieving and sustaining recovery goals when they do not have the means to afford personal transportation.

Individuals must be actively engaged in treatment, recovery, or spiritual support services to be eligible for transportation services.

Allowable transportation services include transportation to and from:

  • Treatment

  • Recovery support services

  • Doctor appointments, dental appointments, or appointments with other health care providers

  • Probation and parole, court, or other criminal justice agencies

  • Employment-seeking activities and/or active employment


If funding is secured from state or other funding sources, bus passes will be distributed weekly to participants. HTC utilizes care coordination services to obtain and issue transportation public bus passes.

The HTC Recovery Transportation program is certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and is managed by a professional administrative  staff.

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